Foamie Travel Buddy

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Don’t skip out on your favorite skin, shampoo or conditioner bar! Take your favorite Foamie bar product with you safely. We know that shampoo and soap bottled products can be convenient when traveling. So that's why we’ve created the Travel buddy Foamie travel box. 

The Travel Buddy Foamie Travel Box has a removable shelf to keep your bar separated from residual water after your shower or bath. 

This is the perfect way to extend the life of your Foamie shampoo and conditioner bars  Foamie Travel Buddy’s cover has a 100% plastic free seal which is completely watertight.

We take our environmental pledge seriously:

Foamie shampoo and conditioner bar Travel Buddy is made 80% wheat straw as well as 20% recycled material.

  • Foamie shampoo and conditioner bars are always 100% plastic free
  • Travel buddy can hold one Foamie shampoo or conditioner bar
  • The water tight and leak proof design makes traveling pain free
  • The Travel buddy removable cover ensures your Foamie bar stays dry
  • Elongates the life of your favorite Foamie products

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