What's a FOAMIE and How do I Use it?

FOAMIE is a soap free answer to cleaning your face, hair and body! FOAMIE is free of all the nasty animal fats and lye found in most traditional soap bars, bottled soaps and traditional soap products. Our line of plastic-free and vegan beauty products are perfect for all your daily cleansing needs. Since 1550 BC mankind has been incorporating soap bars into their daily hygiene routine, predating the use of bottled soap for centuries!

FOAMIE is serious about being an environmentally conscious beauty and skin care brand. Unlike traditional soap bars our cleansing bars are 100% plastic free, vegan and cruelty free like all beauty products should be. FOAMIE cleansing bars are the perfect solution to feel good inside and out.


How do I use my FOAMIE cleansing bar?

  1. Hold your FOAMIE cleansing bar under hot or cold running water. Similar to common Soap bars, any temperature will do. 
  2. Rub FOAMIE between your hands for a moment or two until the bar begins to foam up.
  3. Spread the FOAMIE foam evenly on your body, head, or face (remember, we have specialty products for all three areas!). Wash evenly as needed - like you do with your typical soap bar or bottled shampoo!
  4. Diligently rinse out all the foam thoroughly. Leaving excess foam can dry out your skin over time. Be sure to rinse well!
  5. Now hang up your FOAMIE cleansing bar so it can properly dry.
    We do recommend our FOAMIE cleansing bar Travel Buddy to keep your FOAMIE safe!
  6. Feel beautiful inside and out! By supporting Plastic Free, Vegan brands like FOAMIE you are making a difference in the world–one shower or bath at a time.
Do you have “hard water”?
Fear not! FOAMIE cleansing bar performance is not hindered in any way by hard water issues. Hard water itself may reduce the amount of foam produced from FOAMIE in comparison to soft water. All surfactants face this issue as a side effect of hard water. However, FOAMIE will still leave you feeling clean and refreshed with even hard water. So scrub on!