What FOAMIE PH Balance Means for Your Soap and Skin Health

PH balance, or Potential Hydrogen is the measured level of acute acidity within a product. Potential Hydrogen (PH) levels range from 1 to 14 with 7 being the neutral level. A lower PH level represents more acidity while the higher the numbers indicate alkaline levels. While at face value (no pun intended) you would not want high acidity levels in your soap bar, body or face wash a higher acidic level actually means a higher quality soap bar or product.

Higher acidity is vital to combat damage from microbes, as well reduce / slow down the aging process.

Areas of your body that are less exposed to the elements (back, legs) are more likely to naturally maintain a good acidity. Constant exposed areas of your body such as your face and hands are more alkaline from continued exposure to the environment without protection (wear sunblock please!). Overall, skin PH levels are affected by factors such as pollution, sweating, daily exposure to harmful UV rays and air quality.

FOAMIE face and body wash bars are PH balanced cleansers which allows your skin to maintain its natural protective barriers from damaging conditions. Your skin will look and feel its best as well as defy overall aging if you can maintain a higher PH level. Rough face and body wash soap bars tend to strip away our natural defense mechanisms, leaving us dry and open to harmful environmental irritants.

Dermatologists across the board recommend a PH level for face and body wash products at 5.5. Rest assured! Our line of vegan FOAMIE face bars and FOAMIE body wash bars are in the 5.5 to 6.5 range- the perfect levels for age defying skin care.

Our all new line of syndet based FOAMIE Cleansing Face Bar is 100% soap and plastic free. This ensures clean, soft skin with all the harmful yucky stuff. Our team of skin care experts perfected a face and body wash formula free of animal fats and lye which are common in most soap products. These traditional soap based products have pH levels far greater than your face naturally does. Soap bars overtime will tighten your skin and dry out your face and body.

FOAMIE animal-free Face and body bars clean and foam all without stripping away your best defense in keeping you looking beautiful.