FOAMIE: Your New Favorite Face Wash

At Foamie we live by our mission: "Think Outside the Bottle". We are on a never ending quest to completely reinvent the way that society thinks about skincare. With planet-friendly solutions and natural ingredients that cleanse, smell great, and provide long moisture to your face.

Our all new FOAMIE Face wash bars come in both Charcoal and Aloe Vera varieties that provide the best possible care to your face. We’ve worked to design our Face wash bars to be:

  • Extremely Concentrated- through our research and formulation
  • Ergonomically Contoured- for an easy grip in the shower or at the sink
  • Cold Pressed Syndets- for a solid bar packed with fragrance
  • Featuring Rounded Indents- this delivers proper exfoliation for your face
  • Foaming- to feel deeply cleansed

Our Charcoal Face wash bar contains both activated charcoal and tea tree oil which help keep you cleansed. These ingredients act as antibacterial agents to ensure clean and smooth skin. The tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic which reduces inflammation- whilst keeping your face clear and healthy! FOAMIE face wash bars activated charcoal gently draws out deep bacteria, toxins and excess oil to help maintain a healthy youthful looking face.

FOAMIE Aloe Vera Face wash bar will improve the appearance of a dry, damaged face as aloe vera naturally promotes moisture. FOAMIE also contains almond milk for soothing, emollient and protective care of the skin. Aloe vera and almond milk work as active ingredients for sensitive skin and light cleansing, leaving the skin feeling nourished, healthy and clean!

You will love our FOAMIE Charcoal and Aloe Vera Face wash bars!